The Great Race X-Cup offers automotive students the rare opportunity to travel cross-country in a vintage vehicle while navigating by analog methods and building teamwork and comradery. Let’s meet our 2024 X-Cup RPM Foundation race team!

Olivia Gadjo – Mentor Driver

I moved to St. Petersburg, FL this past January for a change of scenery from upstate New York and to pursue my pilot’s license. In the past I went to college for Motorsports as well as Motorcycle and Powersports where my passion for cars and bikes really took off. My current project car is an ‘89 Bronco II that I’m planning to bring back its original beauty. I hope to have a career in aviation in order to afford my expensive hobby of cars and motorcycles. I’m super excited for the opportunity to be in the Great Race again this year since I’ve had a blast the last two years making memories and meeting new people.

Kinzie Wilson – Mentor Driver

I’m Kinzie and I am currently studying in Italy! I grew up around cars and started racing when I was 13 years old. My hobby turned into a passion, which eventually led me to study Motorsport Management in North Carolina. Following my Bachelors, I decided to obtain a Global MBA in Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports in the Motor Valley. My goal is to work in Formula 1 following my studies. This will be my third Great Race and second as a driver. I am super excited to not only be back in the US, but with some of my favorite people doing my favorite thing: racing!

Noah Jackson – Student Navigator

Hi there! My Name is Noah Jackson. I’m a 17 year old racing driver from south Florida. The great race is an event I enjoy because everyone there has the same passion, which is to keep classic cars on the road. This is my second year being a navigator for the RPM foundation X-Cup team. My experience last year with the great race was something I am extremely passionate about and I’m so excited to run it again this year.


Josie Ward – Student Navigator

Josie Ward lives in Orinda, California and has an interest in vintage cars. She’s especially fond of American cars from the 50s. She’s currently in high school where she does art in her free time. From sketching to watercolor, Josie has a passion for adding her own artistic flair to everything she does. After high school, she plans on attending an art college close to home.



1958 Plymouth Savoy

The team will be competing in this beautiful vehicle generously loaned to us by the Savoy Automobile Museum in Cartersville, GA.