Our Mission

The RPM Foundation supports restoration and preservation training programs for the next generation of automotive, motorcycle and marine craftsmen. As the educational arm of America’s Automotive Trust, the services, resources and grants provided by the RPM Foundation safeguard the future of the collector vehicle industry by sustaining hands-on training for those who are passionate about vehicle restoration and preservation. The RPM Foundation is based in Chicago with an office in Tacoma, Washington, and Ambassadors across the country.

The RPM Foundation supports the education and training of the next generation of restoration and preservation artisans, craftsmen, and technicians. RPM safeguards the critical skills necessary to restore and preserve collector vehicles by supporting hands-on training and engaging the next generation of craftsmen and women.

We promote interest in collectible vehicles by developing the next generation of enthusiasts and restorers in the following ways:

  • Supporting existing programs that provide a pathway to vehicle restoration and preservation careers through grant funding
  • Providing skilled trades training through the RPM Apprenticeship and Internship Programs
  • Preserving the knowledge of the masters of vehicle restoration and preservation through the Endangered Skills program
  • Elevating the profile of vehicle restoration through storytelling, awards, and recruitment programs
  • Offering career services to those entering the vehicle restoration and preservation industry

The RPM Foundation is driving the future of a skilled vehicle restoration workforce!