Accelerating the Next Generation

We can do it with your help.


Twice a year, the RPM Foundation funds educational programs that change the course of students’ lives: like McPherson College student Israel Acosta, who received RPM funding that allowed him to sharpen his skills through an internship with a top-tier restoration shop.  RPM has awarded over $3.5 million to programs that provide a pathway to careers in restoration and people pursuing those careers. Click here to see some of RPM’s past funding recipients.


The future of America’s classic cars relies on excited young students joining the field.  RPM’s Shop Hop, Off to the Races, Behind the Scenes, and Great Race X-Cup programs put enthusiastic students into engine bays to jumpstart their careers.  Click here to learn more about RPM’s outreach programs.

Workforce Development

Mentorship to us means transferring the invaluable knowledge of older generations of experienced restorers to the next.  The RPM Apprenticeship Program allows the next generation to earn a living while they learn this craft, and the Endangered Skills Program connects apprentices with masters of restoration and preservation, while the instructional process is recorded and shared in order to keep these skills alive.  Click here to learn more about RPM’s Workforce Development programs.