Your Donation Matters

to support the next generation of automotive, motorcycle and marine craftspeople.

We can’t do it without you.

If you’re reading this, chances are you believe what we believe – that vehicles are more than just a means of getting from one place to another. They’re a means for expressing our individuality, an avenue of escape from the everyday grind, an important component of our heritage as a people. Vehicles are a testament to our creativity, innovation, and drive.

And when you share this belief, you also share our concern: who will care for the vehicles we consider so important 20, 50, 100 years from now?

Since our inception, the RPM Foundation has awarded over $3.5 million to programs that provide a pathway to careers in restoration and preservation, and to the people pursuing those careers. We’ve received and evaluated hundreds of grant applications, awarding over 350 grants to deserving organizations in 35 states. And we’ve impacted over 27,000 students through our grant funding and programs.

Our mission doesn’t stop there:

  • The RPM Apprenticeship and Internship programs introduce new entries into this industry every day, placing interns and apprentices in Host Shops where they can earn an income while learning the craft of vehicle restoration
  • Our Endangered Skills program passes the critical skills necessary for vehicle restoration and preservation down from Master to Apprentice, and documents the learning process for continued instruction
  • Industry Research is conducted to better inform the next generation about the needs and rewards of the restoration trade, and to focus the efforts of our educational partners
  • Programs like The RPM Futures Class, Off To The Races, Shop Hop, and Behind the Scenes introduce the new generation to the interest and the industry of collector vehicles to encourage them to pursue a fulfilling career

RPM is leading the charge to ensure the skills needed to support our hobby not only remain, but grow – infusing the current and future generations of technicians with the tools necessary to succeed in vibrant careers in this niche automotive space. By doing this, not only are we ensuring our collective hobby remains strong, but we’re inspiring and energizing new enthusiasts every day.

And we can’t do it without you.  The RPM Foundation is 100% donor-funded, by enthusiasts like you who want our beloved vehicles to stay on the road and in our hearts.

The RPM Foundation is driving the future of the restoration industry. If you believe what we believe, join us for the ride.