The RPM Foundation puts on several programs a year to engage students interested in restoration in all the aspects of collector vehicle ownership – restoring, racing, buying/selling, and showing.


Shop Hop

Created to illustrate the “restoration” aspect of collector car ownership, our Shop Hop program guides groups of students, teachers and parents through real-world commercial restoration shops, giving them a firsthand look at the spaces and meeting their future employers and colleagues where their careers can take flight. Students ask questions of shop owners and technicians, and are exposed to equipment and situations within a working shop. Students often participate in “flash interviews”, some of which have resulted in paid internships and entry-level employment.  Visit our Shop Hop page for more information!


Off To The Races with RPM

Interested in how collector vehicles are raced?  “Off to the Races” is like a Shop Hop at the racetrack. Guided by our own IndyCar racer and RPM Ambassador Lyn St. James, Off To The Races offers day-long access for students, teachers and parents around the race paddock and exposes participants to the unique work environment and specialized skills found in vintage racing. The rewards go both ways — it introduces team owners to skilled, passionate candidates for employment, and fuels interest in the high-octane world of amateur racing. Visit our Off To The Races page to see if we’ll be in your area soon!


Behind the Scenes with RPM

For those interested in a career related to the “buying and selling” aspect of collector vehicles, Behind the Scenes exposes students, teachers and parents to the high-energy world of collector car auctions, and all the aspects of work — both under-the-hood and behind-the-desk — that auctions have to offer. The multi-million-dollar auction industry requires extensive knowledge of vintage vehicles in many capacities, and the program exposes the students to some of the collectors who could become clientele in their future careers.  Check our out Behind the Scenes page for the next program in your part of the world!


The Concours Experience

With the Concours Experience, RPM provides an introduction to the “showing” side of collecting and using classic cars and trucks. Students, instructors, and parents are taken on a private tour highlighting some of the most meaningful and significant vehicles and their owners while observing and learning about the judging process. Participants are welcome to attend the Awards Ceremony and appreciate the importance of the awards to the provenance of these cars and boats. Visit our Concours Experience page for more information!