Our Partners

We’d like to thank each of our partners for helping make the RPM Foundation a continued success.

Partners: You’re making it happen.

Buck Kamphausen

Buck has been a RM Sotheby’s Auctions partner for more than ten years. He makes his home in Vallejo, CA, and it is in that community where Buck’s passion for cars can be clearly seen. He’s restored two historic buildings, which housed Buick and Cadillac dealerships, and turned them into museums for his personal collection. He has placed the remarkable display of vintage vehicles within dioramas to give them historical perspective and to create special learning experiences for kids of all ages. Buck supports the RPM Foundation because of its funding support of education and training programs that pass along America’s love affair for the automobile to the next generation.

Claudio Ballard

A former member of RPM Foundation’s Board of Directors, Claudio is a serial entrepreneur and inventor. In fact, Mr. Ballard was named “2010 Inventor of the Year” by The United States Business and Industry Council, a national organization of business owners and executives dedicated to improving the U.S. domestic economy. Claudio has chosen to support the RPM Foundation because of his own interest in challenging and inspiring young people to preserve and appreciate history while at the same time develop their own creativity to add to the American story.

Coker Tire

Since 1958, Coker Tire Company, based in Chattanooga, TN, has supplied collector vehicle enthusiasts with tires and wheels for many applications. With such brands as Firestone, Michelin, U.S. Royal and BF Goodrich, the product line at Coker Tire is filled with high quality bias ply and radial tires. Corky Coker, CEO of Coker Group, has served as Chairman of the RPM Foundation board in previous years.  Coker Group President and Chief Operating Officer, Wade Kawasaki, currently serves as Chairman of the Board for the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA), a RPM Foundation affiliate.

Concours Club: Mike and Dawn Fisher

Mike and Dawn Fisher, owners of MFD Classic Motors in Traverse City, MI, have enthusiastically embraced the RPM Foundation because of what it is doing to encourage young people to learn important life-skills, and especially those efforts related to the motorsports sector. Mike was previously involved yacht racing before discovering a passion for racing vintage cars. Both Dawn and Mike are active on the vintage car racing circuit, with Dawn doing extensive racing and driver instruction. Dawn serves as a member of the RPM Foundation Board of Directors.

David and Sharon Hewitt

A lifetime of finding, collecting, fixing, selling and trading has given the Hewitt’s the means to help support the RPM Foundation. As active motorcycle enthusiasts, the Hewitt’s have seen and heard the results of many good mentoring relationships between young people and car, boat and motorcycle enthusiasts, many that have been financially supported by the RPM Foundation. David and Sharon want to help the Foundation grow and continue its important mission – reaching out to even more young people through the allure of machines.

Dean and Allison Rogers

Dean and Allison Rogers support the RPM Foundation because of its funding support of education and training programs that pass along America’s love affair for the automobile to the next generation.

Eugene Selden

Eugene Selden has been a collector of cars since age 3 when he began cutting out pictures of cars and pasting them in scrapbooks. As he grew older, his love affair with collecting pictures of cars took the form of collecting every new car promotional brochure he could get his hands on. Now in his 80’s, he still has all of the scrapbooks and brochures from his childhood. But he also has something more. When he retired, Gene began collecting real cars and caring for them as enthusiastically as he did as a 3-year old cutting out pictures of bright, shiny new cars. He is the proud owner of 7 American classics from the 1940’s into the 1960’s. He chose to become a RPM Foundation Concours Club member because he believes in the importance of preserving the past and wants to help build the future for the collector vehicle community.


In 2005, recognizing the great need, Hagerty conceived of the idea for a program focused on building the next generation of skilled restoration and preservation craftsmen. As a result, the RPM Foundation was established. Hagerty continues to be our largest supporter through financial contributions, frequent promotions to their more than 750,000 clients, a feature section in the quarterly Hagerty magazine and representatives serving on the RPM Foundation Board of Directors.

Hemmings Motor News

Strong and consistent advocate for collector cars and their owners, Hemmings Motor News and its four publications has chosen to partner with the RPM Foundation because of a shared belief that the future for all collector enthusiasts and related businesses lies with well educated and trained young people.

John D. Groendyke

John D. Groendyke is owner, Chairman and CEO of Groendyke Transport Company, based in Enid, OK. An avid car collector, John is a well-known and appreciated leader within the collector vehicle community.

Mittler Family Foundation, Inc.

Mittler Family Foundation, Inc. supports the RPM Foundation because of its funding support of education and training programs that pass along America’s love affair for the automobile to the next generation.

National Motor Club

Formerly known to RPM Foundation supporters as Auto-Net Roadside Services, National Motor Club has a long-standing tradition of providing protection and security through its travel-related services. Many people already familiar with NMC may not know that NMC owns a variety of other familiar brands including Coach-Net, Auto-Net and EquiPass – that offer emergency roadside assistance for vehicles such as auto, trucks, RVs, and horse trailers. National Motor Club was founded in 1956, and is one of the largest independently owned motor clubs in the nation. Supporting the RPM Foundation resonates with their long-term strategy of providing excellent emergency service to their customers for generations to come.

Passport Transport

Since it’s founding in 1970, Passport Transport has safely carried thousands of treasured vehicles with their state-of-the-art equipment. Passport Transport is proud to join the efforts of the RPM Foundation to educate and train the next generations of collector car enthusiasts.

Paul E. Andrews Jr. Foundation

The connection between Paul E. Andrews, Jr. Foundation and the RPM Foundation begins with Paul’s life-long appreciation for automotive history and technology and his personal commitment to give back. As a result, the Paul E. Andrews, Jr. Foundation has chosen to support the mission of the RPM Foundation and its proven success in serving both young people and the future of collector vehicle community.

Robert and Betsy Jenkins

Robert and Betsy Jenkins are committed to the purpose and growth of the RPM Foundation. They see the Foundation as an umbrella organization that funds a number of great causes they would want to also give to, representing various sectors of the hobby such as cars, boats, museums and educational institutions. The RPM Foundation’s emphasis on hands-on education and passing on knowledge to the next generation makes this a cause worthy of their support.


America's Car Museum

America’s Car Museum (ACM) encourages the success of the RPM Foundation and promotes its importance among members and friends. ACM views the RPM Foundation’s mission to fund education and training vital to the future of the entire collector community.

Arizona Concours d'Elegance

Established recently in 2014, the Arizona Concours d’Elegance is already considered a premiere automotive event, taking place at the forefront of the well-known January auction week in Scottsdale. The RPM Foundation has been graciously welcomed to the Concours schedule of events and has been featured during the seminars as well as on the show field. The AZ Concours leaders and committee recognize the importance of getting the next generation involved and are excited about the efforts and opportunities that the RPM Foundation brings.

Hagerty Plus

Hagerty Plus is a membership benefit organization for collector vehicle owners and is associated with Hagerty, an automotive brand ‘For people who love cars’ and the worlds largest provider of insurance for collector vehicles. With more than 400,000 memberships, Hagerty Plus is the largest collector car community in the world. A portion of the membership fee each year is donated to the Collectors Foundation.

Historic Vehicle Association

The Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) is the world’s largest historic vehicle owners’ organization with more than 400,000 members. Dedicated to promoting the cultural and historical significance of the automotive and protecting the future of our automotive past, the HVA supports and promotes the RPM Foundation efforts, recognizing the importance of encouraging skills and trade education.