The Apprenticeship Program

A Higher Level Of Experience in Entry-Level Hires



The RPM Apprenticeship Program provides an opportunity for entry-level workers to further their education process and gain hands-on education and training through an apprenticeship. RPM facilitates the earn-and-learn program with selected shops around the United States. The RPM Apprenticeship Program fills the “experience gap” between the end of formal education and actual shop-readiness for graduates of restoration programs or individuals without formal education who have identified automotive/motorcycle restoration as their career path.


RPM will facilitate a working relationship between apprenticeship candidates and participating Host Shops. RPM vets all candidates. The shops will interview the candidates RPM presents, selecting one for a 3-5 day working interview. If the candidate and shop are compatible, the shop will extend an offer of employment.

During the apprenticeship, RPM will evaluate the Apprentice based on a set of performance standards consisting of knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required of any restoration shop worker. By the end of the apprenticeship, it is expected that the Apprentice will have attained a level of Advanced or Expert for each task on which they have been evaluated.

Apprentices are paid by the Host Shop, with gap funding available through the RPM Foundation on a needs basis. Gap funding must be applied for separately before the application deadline of April 19, 2020.

RPM Apprenticeship Program Application Details

  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 17, 2020
  • APPLICATION MATERIALS: Cover letter, resume with references, portfolio of work, letter of recommendation, and completed application form (see reverse)
  • PRE-SCREENING AND INTERVIEWS: Applicants will be contacted to schedule pre-screening and phone interviews between February 25-March 4.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT OF CANDIDATES: Final candidates will be contacted March 6, 2020 and referred to the Host Shops to continue the interview process.

RPM Apprenticeship Program Application Materials Guide

  • COVER LETTER: Your cover letter is your opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential employer. Using the below “biography” as a starting point, elaborate on your background, experience, and motivation for working in the restoration industry.
  • RESUME & REFERENCES: Your resume is an essential component of your job search. Your references should be past employers, instructors, and other professionals who can attest to your skill, experience, and professionalism. If you don’t already have a resume, contact the RPM Foundation at for assistance in creating one.
  • PORTFOLIO: A portfolio of your work is the perfect way to showcase your talents and let potential employers know the level of professionalism and product they can expect of you. Your portfolio should feature photos of your previous work, along with captions describing the type of tasks you performed. The portfolio needs to be submitted electronically along with the other application materials.