Design Without Limits


Design Without Limits

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The RPM Foundation has partnered with Prometheus Fuels, an energy company that makes carbon neutral gasoline to launch the “Design Without Limits” competition at high-end car show Motorcar Cavalcade in January of 2023.  

In the spirit of great industrial designers such as Harley Earl, Raymond Loewy, and Malcolm Sayer, the RPM “Design Without Limits” Competition Presented by Prometheus poses this challenge to the next generation of conceptual innovators: Imagine an internal combustion engine car crafted exclusively for the purpose of the driving experience, focusing on styling and performance, with no restrictions on fuel efficiency or aerodynamics.  

Designers are free to imagine vehicles unbound by the need to limit miles per gallon.

Students from the Design and Architecture Senior High School (DASH) will use their vision, imagination, and creativity to invent their dream cars.

The public will vote to narrow down the competition to four finalists who will attend the Motorcar Cavalcade, an exclusive collector vehicle event in Miami on January 15, 2023. Finalists will present their designs to judges, who will evaluate them and award the Grand Prize. Attendees will also vote on their favorite design, which will be awarded the People’s Choice Award.

  • Grand Prize – $1,500 scholarship
  • People’s Choice Award – $1,500 scholarship
  • Runners-up – $250 scholarships


Luis Figueira

Darikson Valenzuela

Aileen Santiago

Isabella Ortiz

Federica Atabaki

Lucas Pozzobon

Ivanna Cardenas

Matias Ortiz

Aquiles Sartoretto

Ignacio Aguiar

Julia Nikolaev

Byron Mayorga

Ekaterina Li