Julia Nikolaev, Design and Architecture Senior High Student

How did you first become interested in Industrial Design?
I was always interested in the process of inventing products that would impact our lives in the future. In freshman year, when I had to choose the strand I would study for the rest of my high school career, I chose industrial design because of the complex and creative work made by past alumni. Taking part in the industrial design program has been a driving force that taught me how to problem-solve efficiently.

Which designers or brands inspire you?
One of the most influential designers that inspire me is Marc Newson. I admire his perspective and use of organic forms especially taking into consideration my love for furniture design. He inspires me to pave my own way into the product design industry and to create products that not only meet functionality but also aesthetics.

What kind of career would you like to pursue?
I want to pursue a career in product design and be able to work across a wide range of disciplines. I have found a way to meet people’s needs while simultaneously making use of my artistic and creative abilities. Specifically, I have found great interest in furniture design. It serves an important role in providing support, comfort, and convenience for individuals in their daily lives. I would have the ability to transform an environment through my design language.

When you’re not designing, what do you do for fun?
When not designing, I explore my city, Miami, which conveniently brings inspiration to my work. In a city with so much diversity, I am constantly inspired by someone else’s work.

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