Ekaterina Li, Design and Architecture Senior High Student

How did you first become interested in Industrial Design?

I first found out about Industrial Design at my high school, Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH), and in 10th grade, I chose it as my ‘strand.’ An amazing teacher, Ms. Castillo, teaches our class and makes it even more enjoyable- so I got very much into it in a short amount of time.

Which designers or brands inspire you?

Interior designers, in general, are inspiring to me, and the idea is amusing to me. I consider interior design to be extremely complex, so the profession is admirable to me.

What kind of career would you like to pursue?

I am not set on a specific job choice, so I’m not sure yet, but I would want a career that lets me learn life-applicable things and improves on different aspects of life. Something that challenges my mind and doesn’t let me stay stagnant.

When you’re not designing, what do you do for fun?

I do fine art, like drawing and painting, for fun. I like listening to music, and I also like listening to online talks or presentations given by people who are much wiser than me.

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