Lucas Pozzobon, Design and Architecture Senior High Student

How did you first become interested in Industrial Design?
My interest in ID began in elementary and middle school, where I would spend most of my time drawing pictures of cars, planes, and similar inventions that I would think up. I was constantly asking the teacher for loose papers so that I could put my ideas to paper. Watching shows like Top Gear and How it’s Made helped to grow my curiosity and continue drawing. It was this type of drawing, oriented towards products and transportation sparked my interest in industrial design and led to me applying to Design and Architecture Senior High.

Which designers or brands inspire you?
I draw inspiration from a variety of places. Design styles from Porsche to BMW to Toyota, especially in pre-2000’s models really capture my interest. I have also always been a fan of classic muscle car styles made by Ford, Chevrolet, and Pontiac. Designers like Issey Miyake capture my interest through his creative use of patterns and textures in his garments. Leo Fender, the creator of the Stratocaster and telecaster guitars is very inspirational in the way that his products are now what the everyday person thinks of when they think electric guitar. Many of these designers and brands create sensational products that will outlast generations, which is one of my main goals in life.

What kind of career would you like to pursue?
What I see myself pursuing in the future is still very open. Going to DASH helped ground me and has taught me to love ID and drawing. I would like to try and pursue a career that incorporates this drawing aspect and also allows me to be creative in my thinking.

When you’re not designing, what do you do for fun?
I enjoy exercising, going to the gym, skateboarding, and spending time with friends. I might also play some guitar, paint, read, or watch movies.

What do you think you’ll be doing for a career in five years?
In five years, if I stick to design, I could see myself working as a designer in furniture, clothes or personal accessories such as watches or bookbags. My goals nowadays, however, might be different, and what I see myself doing in the future can change as I grow and learn.

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