RPM Restorer’s Award

2022 Hilton Head Island Concours

The RPM Restorer’s Award recognizes the craft and artistry of vehicle restoration and preservation. These awards are given to master craftspeople who have expressed genuine passion for their trade, mastered their skillset, and taken a hands-on approach to ensure their work demonstrates the highest quality standard.

Exhibitors showcasing their vehicles at the Concours can recognize and honor the shop or individual who performed the restoration/preservation of their vehicle by nominating them for this award. RPM staff and advisors then interview the candidates and determine the award winner. Candidates who have mentored a fellow professional, apprentice, or student receive special consideration.

Award winners will be honored at the Hilton Head Island Concours awards ceremony.

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RPM Restorer's Award Recipients

RPM's 2021 Restorer's Award Recipient

Michael Gassman