Online Learning


The RPM Foundation has teamed up with TechForce Foundation to provide a series of online learning webinars meant to inform and inspire students interested in pursuing an Automotive career. Learn about performance modifications, restoration techniques, crafting interiors, and more from experienced industry professionals, and get advice on starting your career in Automotive!

Singer Vehicle Design – “Engineering/Special Wishes”

Join Chris Walrod, Senior Director of Engineering at Singer Vehicle Design, as he discusses the importance that engineering plays in restoration. Working together with clients to achieve their own personal desires within Singer’s ‘reimagination’ process often takes design consideration and technical performance requirements which all begin with engineering. This segment will provide an overview of the Singer process and offer a complete example of a customer’s ‘special wish’ for a recently delivered commission and bringing that vision to life.
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Singer Vehicle Design – “Fit and Finish”

Steven Davis, VP of Sales and Client Relations at Singer Vehicle Design, introduces us to the unique level of personalization that Singer Vehicle Design achieves for each individual commission,  beginning with relationships – from working with vendors and suppliers to the ongoing involvement of their clients throughout the entire restoration process – including input across-the-board ranging from the beginning stages of design to the finality of performance. “Fit and Finish” focuses on the value of  partnerships, providing examples of how working together with the ‘best-of-the-best’ enhance Singer’s pursuit of excellence.
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Singer Vehicle Design – “All About Interiors”

Andy Harrison, Director of Interiors at Singer Vehicle Design, begins this session with a tour through his own remarkable career spanning from working on the shop floor for Lotus all the way to designing the interior to Space X’s Dragon capsule!  Andy offers an glimpse into the tailored nature of interior design and the rich skillset required to create immaculate interiors that often begin with ‘special wishes,’ and end beyond one’s imagination.
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Singer Vehicle Design – “Understanding Performance Modifications”

Marino Franchitti, Performance Testing and Development Driver at Singer Vehicle Design, has spent the last four years as part of the Singer team, testing vehicles on tracks worldwide and providing technical feedback for engineers to create the most responsive drive possible. He’ll be sharing the communication necessary to exceed the limits.
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