Shop Hop St. Louis 2023

Automotive Students! SHOP HOP ST. LOUIS

Tour with the RPM Foundation and start shaping your future! Meet shop owners and managers and learn about potential internship opportunities and the job market, not to mention see some incredible cars! This job-fair-on-wheels is a fantastic opportunity to share your passions, interests and skills with master craftsmen. And who knows — you could come away with the opportunity to get some serious under-the-hood time as a paid intern, so be ready to impress! Registration required (see below).

Created to illustrate the “restoration” aspect of collector car ownership, our Shop Hop program guides groups of students, teachers and parents through real-world commercial restoration shops, giving them a firsthand look at the spaces and meeting their future employers and colleagues where their careers can take flight. Students ask questions of shop owners and technicians, and are exposed to equipment and situations within a working shop. Students often participate in “flash interviews”, some of which have resulted in paid internships and entry-level employment.

***Light lunch will be served***

— St. Louis Car Museum —
January 20, 2023
1575 Woodson Rd, St Louis, MO 63114

St. Louis Car Museum is the premier classic & collector car showroom of the Midwest offering a variety of services that cater to all things motor-related! Since 1994, our packed automotive museum has been a Go-To destination where car enthusiasts from around the world can reminisce alongside 100+ classic & collector cars, vintage signage, rare pedal cars, and memorabilia, all while listening to popular music throughout the centuries!