September 7, 2022

Recipient Spotlight: Matt Mahan

Name: Matt Mahan

School: McPherson College

Location: McPherson, Kansas

Interest :
Matt’s interest is in historic vehicle preservation and original (stock) restoration of pre-war vehicles from 1900 to 1939.

What sparked your interest in collector vehicles?
I had always been interested in cars, but it wasn’t until I was given the task of returning my Grandma’s Model T to its roadworthy condition that I developed an interest in antique automobiles. I was fascinated by the rudimentary technology and found myself researching their history in my free time.
I have since developed an interest in almost everything pre-war, and I continue to learn more every day.

Do you have a vehicle you’re working on / have worked on? What is it and what kind of work are you doing?
My Grandma’s Model T is in very original condition, so my current plan is to continue driving it as is while regularly keeping up with maintenance. Original examples will only increase in rarity as time passes, so it is important to me to preserve this car to the best of my ability.

What are your short-term/long-term career goals?
As I grow older, I will develop new skills and ambitions and will certainly find other passions in the industry. I plan to make the most of every opportunity I get, so who knows where I will be ten years from now. The one thing I’m sure of, however, is that I will love what I do if it is anything close to what I am experiencing now.

How has the RPM Foundation impacted your education/career path?
The RPM foundation has made it easier to focus on important tasks such as networking, resume building, and skill development without worrying about paying for rent or groceries.

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