The RPM Foundation works to safeguard the critical skills necessary to restore and preserve collector vehicles through programs designed to introduce young people to the possibilities of a career in this industry, and to pass knowledge on from one generation to the next.

RPM is leading the charge to ensure the skills needed to support our hobby not only remain, but grow – infusing the current and future generations of technicians with the tools necessary to succeed in vibrant careers in this niche automotive space. By doing this, not only are we ensuring our collective hobby remains strong, but we’re inspiring and energizing new enthusiasts every day.

With over 3000 restoration shops nationwide and approximately 100 students coming out of restoration-specific educational programs, the skilled labor demand far outweighs the supply.

RPM’s solution is our own Apprenticeship Program – using a competency-based curriculum crafted by a task force of experienced restoration shop owners, we are partnering with restoration shops willing to serve as Host Shops to apprentices who will then learn the RPM curriculum in the shop environment.

As an RPM Apprentice you will learn the skills required to be successful as a professional vehicle restorer. You will learn to perform the hands-on tasks necessary to restore, preserve or conserve collector vehicles properly from industry experts, while also learning the discipline of proper vehicle restoration, including documentation, research, project planning, and more.

Job descriptions vary depending on Host Shop and area of focus.

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